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Friday, 23 March 2012

The Tarrasch Defence: David I. vs Walker C.

Recently, I had the pleasure to play for Worksop B team in Sheffield League. And the opponent was rather challenging for Worksop team because we had to face to the leader of Division 2 - Phoenix.
They kindly offered me top board and because we won the draw and I was asked which pieces on the top board I wish to play with, I opted for White. Certainly.... what else?
My opponent was Carl Walker, strong player rated about 170 or so. 
Before I tell you bit more about the game I have to tell you that the rate of play in this competition is rather unpleasant especially for the player who is not used to it. Thirty moves in 60 minutes (!) then 15 minutes each till the end of the game.... I wish I had the pleasure of full time as it were some forty years ago... Well, I have to forget about it.
Not knowing my opponent whatsoever I started with modest 1.Nf3 but the game quickly went into Tarrasch Defence. I opted for less commonly played side-line but after several moves my opponent devised over-the-board-novelty which reportedly has never been played before. Alas, this natural move was pretty good and difficult to meet... I realised that I had just two options, either suffer under terrible pressure or give up material... I decided to sacrifice an exchange... and now just enjoy the game.


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